How Grease Works


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Greases are simply base oils and additives, same as with our lubricating oils, but with thickeners added in order to form a pasty, non-flowing, gel-like form.  One may think of grease as a sponge holding lubricating oils and additives, dispensing lubricants into the friction points as needed.

how grease works

Lubrication, or friction-reduction properties, are therefore dictated by base oil viscosity, and load-carrying additives such as extreme pressure (EP) additives.  The factors to consider when selecting the right base oil type, base oil viscosity and EP content is dependent on the following factors:

While mineral oils (of varying viscosities) are mainly used, synthetic lubricants such as Poly Alpha Olefins (PAOs), Esters, Silicones, and Perfluoropolyethers (PFPE’s) are combined with thickeners also, in cases where higher level of performances are required.

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