Tips for Manual Re-Greasing


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While a large portion of bearings in industrial machinery is lubricated automatically, a significant number of bearings are still greased manually. These are normally conducted using manual grease guns.

men pumping grease gun

Herein are common tips for using a grease gun to ensure proper lubrication:

  1. Know the proper amount of grease, or the number of strokes required per bearing, or per lubrication port, before pumping.


  1. Ensure the use of vent plug on the relief port of the bearing to release pressure by flushing the old grease.


  1. Do not introduce contaminants when loading the grease into the grease gun.


  1. Pump a small amount of grease before dispensing, and wipe the nozzle with a clean rag.


  1. When not in use, always place a cover or a cap at dispense nozzle.


  1. Have proper labels on the grease guns and greases, to ensure that the correct grease goes into the specific bearings; prevention of grease mix-ups.


  1. Ensure the proper grease is used at every grease point. Applying the wrong grease can cause an incompatibility problem which can quickly cause bearing failure. Lubrication points should be clearly identified with which grease is to be used. This can be done with colored labels, adhesive dots, or paint markers.


  1. Store grease guns and greases in cool, dry area. If cartridges are inside the grease gun, store in horizontally, lying down, to relieve pressure on the grease.


  1. Calibrate grease guns regularly to ensure the proper delivery volume.


  1. Wear the appropriate PPEs at all times when performing lubrication tasks.

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