Flexxpump Hygiene Alcohol Dispenser

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Keep your employees and customers safe with FlexxPump Hygiene!

It only takes one (1) positive result to shut down our operations.  Reduce the risks by investing and installing the Flexxpump Hygiene at entrances, counters, back-rooms and rest-rooms.

The FlexxPump Hygiene is an optimized Alcohol Dispenser that eliminates all the problems or issues brought about by manual dispensing in bottles or push-dispensers. Flexxpump Hygiene:

  • Reduces the exposure to viruses and bacteria since the unit is sensor-driven and contact-less,
  • Limits alcohol consumption, and therefore cuts costs:
    • Prevents pilferage of loose alcohol bottles,
    • Allows bulk purchase (cheaper) of alcohol, and,
    • Is pre-set (fixed) to 3 cc per discharge, as per WHO recommendations
  • Minimizes office or commercial space clutter; no loose alcohol bottles lying around, and,
  • Decreases environmental impact with zero small plastic containers to dispose.




Battery Indicator

Special features of the FlexxPump Hygiene Alcohol Dispenser:

  • Automatic disinfectant dispenser with intuitive, contactless operation
  • Operation through battery or power supply is made possible
    • Up to 10,000 contactless pumps with one battery pack
  • Dispensing volume from 3 cc – WHO recommendation
  • Easily refillable with liquid alcoholic disinfectant, or hand-sanitizers
  • Built-to-last with solid and heavy-duty metal housing

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Available as:

Floor-Standing Unit

Tabletop Device


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