Coolant Maintenance Equipment


The Abanaki Coolescer is a must for any machine shop dealing with machine tool coolant. This unit will extend CNC coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate down time, improve tool life and help prevent dermatitis.


  • Leak proof fittings
  • Crush resistant hose
  • One year warranty
  • Self contained system
  • Coalescing cartridge never needs to be replaced


The Chiperator is an inexpensive way to clean dirty machine sumps. The air driven Chiperator quickly separates chips and swarf from liquids. It drains or refills its 55 gallon drum in less than 2 minutes! Simply suck up coolant laden with chips, swarf and muck, and the Chiperator strains the unwanted solids. The Chiperator then pumps the strained coolant back to the sump


  • Strains 40 gallons of chips and coolant per minute
  • Efficient venturi design consumes less air than competitive models
  • Acts as both a vacuum and a pump
  • Economical, disposable filter bags make cleanup a breeze
  • Filters out chips and shavings from plastic, steel, aluminum, ceramic, etc.
  • Quiet; less noise than other air driven or electrical units

Q-VAC™ 100

The hard-working Q-VAC™ 100 wet vacuum thoroughly suctions all types of wet industrial spills to maintain safety and removes coolant from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation. It gets the job done quickly, quietly, and virtually maintenance-free, running on compressed air.


  • Empties coolant from sump
  • Vacuums oil, coolant, and other floor spills
  • Removes surface decontaminates from process baths
  • Empties tanks and drain pits
  • Vacuums containers and vats absolutely dry


The EconoMixer is designed for speed, accuracy, and cost savings. Simply insert the unit into a 5 to 55-gallon container of coolant concentrate and connect a water line to the unit. The adjustable needle valve/dial permits any ratio required for instant uniform concentrations. The unit requires 25 pounds of water pressure to operate.


  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Efficient use of space
  • Enhanced safety
  • Maximized cleaning product performance
  • More conscientious response to environmental concerns.

Coolant Mints®

Put an end to that nasty rotten egg smell in coolant.


  • Safe to handle and easy to use
  • Eliminates coolant odors immediately by neutralizing hydrogen sulfide gases
  • Not a perfume
  • No disposal problems
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Safer and less expensive than biocides
  • 1 tablet per week maintains 25 gallons of coolant
  • 15 tablets per tube

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