Die Casting Lubricants

Fluid Solutions is capable of providing all lubrication requirements from Die Casting Machine Lubrication to process fluids such as release agents to the hydraulic fluids to operate the machine.


Die Cast Machine Lubrication

Product NameProduct TypeAvailable ViscositiesApplications
LubeRite AW SeriesMineral-based Hydraulic OilISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, SAE 10WHigh pressure hydraulic pumps, turbochargers, machine tools and mobile hydraulic equipment
Quaker Quintolubric 888 SeriesSynthetic HFDU Fire-Resistant Hydraulic FluidISO VG 46, 68Hydraulic applications where fire hazards exist
Petrofer Ultra-Safe 620 SeriesWater Glycol Fire-Resistant Hydraulic FluidISO VG 68Hydraulic systems of steel and iron making, continuous casting, hot rolling, and die casting equipment
LubeRite SW SeriesMineral-based Slideway OilISO VG 32, 68, 220Slides and ways of planers, grinders, millers, lathes and CNC controlled machine tools

Die Cast Release Agents

Product NameProduct TypeAvailable GradesApplications
Quaker Die Slick 1700 SeriesSemi-synthetic Die Lubricant1708A, 1722A, 1728AFormulated as a concentrate designed for excellent release and bright cosmetic casting finish
Quaker Die Slick 4500 SeriesSynthetic Water-based Die Lubricant4513, 4514, 4515, 4516Silicone-based mould release agent with upgraded anti-soldering protection-for larger components
Quaker Die Slick 240 VXSemi-synthetic Emulsion Die Lubricant (Silicone-free)-Non Silicone based mould release
Quaker Die Slick 4616 SEWEster Containing Die Lubricant (Silicone Based)-Specifically for larger part and higher tonnage machine such as Engine castings

Plunger Lubricants

Product NameProduct TypeApplications
LubeRite PL 1000HYMineral-based Plunger OilOil Based Plunger Lubricant
Petrofer Piston Lubricant AP 270Mineral-based Plunger Oil with GraphiteOil Based Plunger Lubricant with Graphite preferably applied by drop feeding
LubeRite PL 77 Plunger LubricantFire-Resistant Water-based Plunger LubricantShould be used by air blow after drip or spray into the sleeve
Petrofer Piston Powder FASold Piston PowderSolid plunger lubricant blown into the shot sleeve by compressed air

Auxiliary Lubricants and Coating

Product NameProduct TypeApplications
Lubrikote GR SeriesGranular FluxCovering and drossing-off flux effective to cover and reduce gas pick-up and dross with low content of metallic inclusions
Petrofer Transtherm 525Heat Transfer OilHeat absorbing circulating oils for use in die-cooling systems, whose temperatures do not exceed 310°C
Petrofer Die-Lubric ALPStart-up PasteSilver paste applied to dies to protect against soldering especially at start-up, or during cold-shots
Petrofer Die Lubric AntilötAnti-Solder PasteGrease applied to ‘Hot Spots’ on the die to prevent or remove soldering
Lubrikote Ladle Kote LLadle CoatingOil based ladle coating designed to prolong coating life vs conventional water-based ladle coatings
Tacbecon Moly Plus 2Ejector Pin GreaseGrease with solid MoS2, providing protection against sliding friction, shock loads and high temperatures

Frequently Asked Questions

What are die casting lubricants?

Die casting lubricants are specialized substances applied to molds to facilitate the release of castings. They improve the flow of molten metal, reduce friction between the mold and the casting, and enhance the overall efficiency of the die casting process.

What are die casting lubricants used for?

Die casting lubricants are used to improve mold release, reduce wear and tear on dies, enhance the quality of the castings, and increase the overall efficiency of the die casting process.

What are die casting lubricants made of?

Die casting lubricants are formulated with a variety of components, including lubricating oils, additives, and sometimes water-based substances. These formulations are designed to meet the specific needs of the die casting process while ensuring environmental and operator safety.

What are examples of die casting products?

Die casting is commonly used to produce a wide range of products, including automotive parts, consumer electronics, appliance components, and industrial equipment.

What are die cast components?

Die cast components refer to the parts manufactured through the die casting process. These components are known for their precise dimensions, excellent surface finish, and high strength.

What is the most suitable material for die casting?

Aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloys are popular materials for die casting due to their excellent casting properties, lightweight nature, and high strength.

What material is commonly used in casting?

Die casting commonly uses non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, zinc, and magnesium, due to their exceptional casting characteristics and mechanical properties.

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