Maintenance Cleaners

Maintenance Cleaners are essential tools designed to preserve and optimize the functionality of machinery and equipment across various industries. These products play a crucial role in preventing wear and tear, enhancing efficiency, and extending the lifespan of critical components.


Product NameCategoryProduct TypePackagingApplications
Syntech HD Degreaser SprayCleaner and DegreaserHeavy-duty Solvent Degreaser400 mL Spray CanIdeal for cleaning machinery, flooring, concrete, paving etc.
LPS Precision CleanCleaner and DegreaserMulti-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser525 mL Spray CanNSF Certified. Safe for most surfaces (not for use with Magnesium and Aluminum).
Loctite ML-11Penetrating OilMulti-Purpose Penetrating Oil360 mL Spray CanFor general lubrication on machine part
Syntech Food Multi Lube SprayPenetrating OilFully Synthetic Multi-Purpose Penetrating Oil400 mL Spray CanNSF Certified. For general lubrication on machine parts
Syntech Moisture Guard Series (Green or Colorless)Rust ProtectionRust Preventive Spray400 mL Spray CanIdeal as a visible, medium/long term indoor corrosion protection of bare metal components and mold tools particularly where condensation is a problem
Syntech Silicone SprayMold ReleaseSilicone-based Mold Release Agent400 mL Spray CanReleasing agent for molding processes, general lubricant, use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care products, printing, electric, electronic and other industries
Syntech Non-Silicone SprayMold ReleaseSilicone-free Mold Release Agent400 mL Spray CanAlternative to silicone spray for the plastic molding industry
Tacbecon S1100Mold ReleaseLead-Free Anti-Seize Compound500 grams JarPrevents seizure, stress cracking and corrosion and acts as seal for bolts and nuts, screws, hinges, and flanges

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