Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids are engineered to prioritize safety in hydraulic systems by providing resistance to combustion and high-temperature conditions. Common types include water-glycol fluids, phosphate ester-based fluids, and water-free hydraulic fluids. Each formulation offers unique fire-resistant properties suitable for different applications.


Product NameProduct TypeAvailable Viscosities
Quaker Quintolubric 888 SeriesSynthetic (HFDU Polyester) Fire-Resistant Hydraulic FluidISO VG 46, 68
Petrofer Ultra-Safe 620Water-Glycol Type Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid36~45 cSt
Quaker Quintolubric 855-FlushingFlushing fluid55 cst
Petrofer Ultra-Safe 620 FlushFlushing fluid16
Quaker Houghto-SafeWater-Glycol (HFC) Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid39 cst

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids?

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are specially formulated lubricants designed to minimize the risk of combustion in hydraulic systems. Unlike traditional hydraulic fluids, these variants are engineered to withstand high temperatures and reduce the likelihood of fire, making them crucial for applications where fire hazards are a concern.

Where are Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids Used?

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids find application in industries where there is a heightened risk of fire, such as steel mills, foundries, and die casting operations. They are also commonly used in critical systems where a fire could result in significant damage, ensuring a safer operating environment in case of hydraulic system failure.

What Do Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids Require?

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids have specific requirements to ensure their effectiveness in various environments. They should possess a high flash point and low volatility to minimize the risk of ignition. Additionally, these fluids must provide reliable lubrication and cooling properties to maintain the efficiency of hydraulic systems under extreme conditions.

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