Food Grade Greases

Food Grade Greases are specialized lubricants designed for the unique demands of the food industry, ensuring machinery operates smoothly while adhering to strict food safety standards. These greases play a crucial role in preventing friction and wear on equipment surfaces, contributing to the efficient and hygienic operation of machinery in food processing environments.


Product NameThickener and Base OilBase Oil Viscosity (cSt at 40°C)Application Temperature (°C)Applications
Syntech Food Lube ACM 2Aluminum Complex; Semi-Synthetic Base Oil150-20 to 150Multipurpose food grade grease
Syntech Food Lube CSCM 2Calcium Sulfonate Complex; Mineral Oil220-30 to 150High load elevated temperature grease with water resistance
SYN-setral INT/250 FD-2PTFE; PFPE500-40 to 260Oven bearings and other application exposed to very high temperature applications
Syntech Food Lube HTS 2Inorganic Thickener; Silicone Oil750-20 to 220Sealing grease and release agent

Our lubricants carry authentic credentials and approvals from the NSF and moreover, provide the required lubrication performance levels for your food processing equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food Grade Grease?

Food grade grease is a specialized lubricant designed for machinery in the food and beverage industry. It adheres to strict regulations set by health authorities to ensure that it's safe for incidental contact with food during processing

How do I know if a grease is food grade?

Identifying food grade grease involves checking for specific certifications, such as NSF H1 approval. This certification indicates that the grease is safe for use where there is potential for incidental food contact.

What is the code for food grade grease?

The code for food grade grease often refers to industry standards like NSF H1 or USDA H2. These codes signify that the grease meets specific criteria for use in food processing environments.

Food Grade Grease Uses

Food grade grease finds its applications in various machinery within the food industry, ensuring smooth operations while maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Food Grade Grease Philippines

In the Philippines, the demand for food grade grease is growing, driven by the expanding food processing sector. Our products meet international standards and are trusted by industries across the country.

Food Grade Grease Types

There are different types of food grade greases, each manufactured to meet specific applications. Understanding the requirements of your machinery is crucial in choosing the right type for optimal performance.

Food Grade Grease vs. Regular Grease

The primary difference lies in the formulation and adherence to strict regulations. Food grade grease is designed to meet the unique challenges of the food industry, prioritizing safety and compliance.

What is Food Grade Grease Made Of?

Food grade grease is typically made of base oils and additives. The exact composition may vary, but it excludes harmful substances, making it safe for incidental contact with food.



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