Food Grade Hydraulic &
Multi-Purpose Oils

Fluid Solutions offers a complete range of food-grade hydraulic and multi-purpose oils, providing industries with reliable and safe lubrication solutions.


Product NameProduct TypeAvailable ViscositiesApplications
Syntech Food AA Series

Food Grade Hydraulic OilISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100Hydraulic systems used in food, drink, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment
Anderol FGH SeriesSynthetic (PAO) Food Grade Hydraulic OilISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100High Pressure Hydraulic systems and longer oil life

Our lubricants carry authentic credentials and approvals from the NSF and moreover, provide the required lubrication performance levels for your food processing equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food Grade Hydraulic Oil?

Food grade hydraulic oil is a specialized lubricant designed for hydraulic systems in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. It complies with strict regulations to ensure safety and prevent contamination in applications where the oil may come into contact with food.

What is the Meaning of Food Grade Oil?

Food grade oil refers to lubricants that meet specific regulatory standards for safe use in food and beverage processing. These oils are formulated with ingredients that do not pose a risk of contaminating food products, ensuring a high level of safety and compliance.

What are Examples of Hydraulic Oil?

Common examples of hydraulic oils include white mineral oil, polyalphaolefin (PAO), and synthetic oils. These oils are selected for their purity and ability to meet the strict requirements of food-grade lubricants.

What are Multipurpose Oils?

Multipurpose oils are versatile lubricants designed to serve various applications within different industries. In the context of food-grade oils, multipurpose oils are formulated to meet stringent standards for safe use in environments where the oil may come into contact with food.

What are Examples of Multipurpose Oils?

Examples of food-grade multipurpose oils include those suitable for applications in hydraulic systems, gearboxes, and other machinery. These oils are chosen for their ability to provide reliable lubrication while maintaining food safety standards.

What are Food Grade Multi-Purpose Oils Made Of?

Food grade multi-purpose oils are used to lubricate various machinery in industries where the lubricant may come into contact with food products. They prevent friction, wear, and corrosion while ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

What are Food Grade Multi-Purpose Oils Used For?

These oils typically consist of a base oil, which can be mineral, vegetable, or synthetic, along with additives. The careful selection of these components ensures that the lubricant meets food safety standards and provides optimal performance.

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