Food Grade Refrigeration Oils

Food Grade Refrigeration Oils are specialized lubricants designed to meet the demands of the food industry, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with hygiene standards in refrigeration applications. These oils play a crucial role in reducing friction and wear on refrigerator components, contributing to the efficient and hygienic operation of cooling systems in food processing environments.


Product NameBase OilAvailable ViscositiesCompatibility
Tacbecon XU 2200 SeriesFood Grade Hydrocracked and Isodewaxed base oilISO VG 46, 68R600a, R717 (Ammonia), R12 and R22

Our lubricants carry authentic credentials and approvals from the NSF and moreover, provide the required lubrication performance levels for your food processing equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Oil is Used in a Refrigeration System?

In refrigeration systems, a specific type of oil called refrigeration oil is used. This oil serves as a lubricant to ensure the smooth functioning of compressors and other moving parts in the system.

What is the Purpose of Food Grade Refrigeration Oil?

The primary purpose of food grade refrigeration oil is to lubricate the mechanical components within refrigeration systems. It plays a crucial role in reducing friction, heat, and wear, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of the entire system. Food grade refrigeration oil is formulated with strict adherence to food safety standards, ensuring that in case of contact with food, it doesn't compromise the safety or quality of the food product.

What are the Properties of Refrigeration Oil?

Refrigeration oils possess properties that make them suitable for the demanding conditions of refrigeration systems. These include excellent thermal stability, low pour points, and high viscosity indices. The specific formulation of these oils allows them to operate effectively across a range of temperatures, contributing to the overall efficiency of the refrigeration system.

What are Food Grade Refrigeration Oils Used For?

Food grade refrigeration oils are used in various applications, from household refrigerators to industrial refrigeration systems. These oils ensure the proper functioning of compressors and other components, preventing breakdowns and ensuring the longevity of the equipment. Their food-grade formulation is essential for industries where maintaining the highest standards of food safety is paramount.

What are Refrigeration Oils Made Of?

Refrigeration oils are typically composed of a base oil and additives. The base oil can be mineral, synthetic, or a blend, while additives enhance performance and stability. The careful selection of components ensures that the oil meets the specific requirements of refrigeration systems.

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