Gear & Transmissions Oils

Fluid Solutions offers a diverse range of high-performance Gear and Transmissions Oils. Each product is specifically formulated to address the unique demands of different transmission systems such as Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).


Product NameProduct TypeAvailable ViscositiesApplications
LubeRite HDG GL5 SeriesMineral-based Automotive Gear OilSAE 90, 140, 80W-90, 85W-140Hypoid or spiral-bevel gears, limited- slip differentials and transmission
LubeRite UTTF 80WMineral-based Universal Tractor Transmission FluidSAE 80WRecommended for tractors and other equipment requiring one common fluid to lubricate transmission, differential and hydraulic systems
LubeRite ATF IIIMineral-based Automatic Transmission FluidDexron IIIAutomatic transmissions, power steering, hydraulic systems, torque converters in cars, trucks and heavy equipment
S-Oil 7 ATF MultiFully Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidMulti/ 4-5 SpeedWide range of 4/5/6/8 speed automatic gearboxes in Asian, European and American passenger vehicles
S-Oil 7 ATF VIFully Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidDexron VILatest generation of high efficiency 6/8-speed automatic transmission
S-Oil 7 CVTFSynthetic Continuously Variable Transmission FluidCVTFor Belt-CVT and Chain-CVT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of Gear Oil?

Gear oil, also known as gear lubricant, serves the crucial purpose of lubricating and protecting the gears within a transmission or gearbox. It reduces friction, minimizes wear on gear teeth, dissipates heat, and provides corrosion protection.

What Types of Oil are Used in Transmission?

Various types of lubricating oils are used in transmissions, including automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for automatic transmissions and gear oil for manual transmissions. The choice of oil depends on the transmission type and specific requirements.

Is Gear Oil the Same as Engine Oil?

No, gear oil is not the same as engine oil. While both are lubricants, they are formulated differently to meet the specific demands of their respective applications. Gear oil is designed to handle the extreme pressures and temperatures found in transmissions and gearboxes.

What is the Purpose of Gear Oil in a Scooter?

In a scooter, gear oil is used to lubricate the transmission system, including the gears and bearings. This lubrication is essential for ensuring smooth gear transitions, reducing wear on components, and maintaining the overall efficiency of the scooter's transmission.

Why is Transmission Oil Important?

Transmission oil is crucial for the proper functioning of a vehicle's transmission. It provides lubrication, cools the transmission components, and facilitates smooth gear shifts. Regular maintenance, including changing the transmission oil, is essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

What is the Purpose of Gear Oil in a Motorcycle?

In motorcycles, gear oil serves the same purpose as in scooters, providing lubrication to the transmission system. This ensures that the gears mesh smoothly, reducing friction and wear, and contributing to the overall performance and longevity of the motorcycle.

What are the Benefits of Changing Gear Oil?

Changing gear oil at recommended intervals offers several benefits. It helps maintain proper lubrication, reduces friction and wear, improves gear shifting, and extends the life of transmission components. Regular oil changes are crucial for preserving the overall health and efficiency of the transmission.

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