Gear Coupling Greases

Gear Coupling Greases offer excellent adhesion to gear surfaces, providing reliable lubrication that helps maintain the integrity and performance of gear couplings in diverse industrial applications. Common types of Gear Coupling Greases include lithium-based greases, synthetic greases, and high-viscosity greases– all catering to different types of usage and application.


Product NameSpeedAGMA Coupling GradePenetration (NLGI)
Tacbecon SCG 50S2000 rpm upCG-12
Tacbecon SCG 100SBelow 2000 rpmCG-32
Tacbecon SCG 300SFor low speed couplingsN/A0

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gear coupling grease used for?

Gear coupling greases are specifically formulated to provide effective lubrication for gear couplings. They are used to minimize friction, reduce wear, and protect against corrosion, ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of gear couplings in various industrial applications.

What is the main purpose of gear coupling grease?

The main purpose of gear coupling grease is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of gear couplings. It provides the necessary lubrication to minimize friction, reduce wear, and dissipate heat during coupling operation, enhancing the coupling's overall performance.

Coupling maintenance

Regular coupling maintenance is essential for preventing failures and ensuring the optimal performance of gear couplings. This includes inspecting for misalignments, checking for wear, and timely application of suitable gear coupling greases.

What is gear coupling used for?

Gear couplings are widely used to connect two shafts in machinery, transmitting torque and compensating for misalignments between the shafts. They are essential components in various industrial applications, ensuring smooth power transmission.

What causes gear coupling failure?

Gear coupling failure can result from various factors, including misalignment, overload, excessive torque, or insufficient lubrication. Regular coupling maintenance and the use of appropriate gear coupling greases help prevent failures and extend the lifespan of the coupling.

Why is gear coupling grease important?

Gear coupling grease is crucial for the effective operation of gear couplings. It provides essential lubrication to minimize friction, reduce wear, and dissipate heat. This ensures the smooth and efficient performance of gear couplings, preventing failures and extending their lifespan. Proper lubrication with gear coupling grease is vital for maintaining the integrity and functionality of gear couplings in various industrial applications.

What are types of gear coupling grease?

There are several types of gear coupling greases, each formulated to meet specific performance requirements. Common types include lithium-based greases, calcium-based greases, aluminum complex greases, and synthetic greases. The choice of gear coupling grease depends on factors such as load conditions, operating temperatures, and environmental considerations. Selecting the appropriate type of grease is crucial for optimal coupling maintenance and performance.

What are gear coupling greases made of?

Gear coupling greases are typically composed of base oils, thickening agents, and additives. The base oils can be mineral, synthetic, or a blend of both. The thickening agent gives the grease its semi-solid consistency, allowing it to adhere to surfaces. Additives are incorporated to enhance specific properties, such as extreme pressure resistance, oxidation stability, and anti-wear characteristics. The combination of these components ensures that gear coupling greases provide effective lubrication and protection for gear couplings in various operating conditions.

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