Glass Making Lubricants

Glass Making Lubricants are specifically formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures and demanding conditions of glassmaking equipment. Various types include graphite-based lubricants, optimized for superior release properties, water-based formulations designed for efficient cooling and lubrication, and anti-wear oils made for heavy-duty machinery.


Swabbing Mold Compounds

Product NameApplicationsUsage
Condaglass 397Wine, Spirit and PharmaceuticalBlank and Blow Side

Shear Lubricant

Product NameCharacteristicsApplications
Condaglass TW100Solution - Vegetable OilWine and Spirit
Condaglass DLS 67 FEmulsionWine

Delivery Coating

Product NameCharacteristicsDescription
Resigraph TW 400Hardener and ResinIt forms a long polymer chain that can be applied for a coating, often with favorable mechanical properties and high thermal and chemical resistance.

Scoop Oil

Product NameDescription
Luberite N70Highly-refined oil to ubricate troughs and deflectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glass Lubricant?

Glass lubricants are specialized formulations designed to provide effective lubrication in the manufacturing process of glass products. These lubricants play a crucial role in various stages of glass production, ensuring smooth operations and high-quality output.

Why is Lubricant Needed in Glass Making?

Lubricants are essential in glass making to reduce friction and enhance the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. The glass-making process involves the movement of various components, such as molds and conveyors. Lubricants facilitate this movement, preventing wear and tear, minimizing downtime, and contributing to the production of flawless glass products.

What Are the Properties of Glass Making Lubricants?

Glass making lubricants possess several key properties that make them ideal for the industry. They often exhibit high-temperature stability to withstand the intense heat involved in glass manufacturing. Additionally, these lubricants offer excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, ensuring the longevity of machinery and equipment used in the glass production process.

What Are Glass Making Lubricants Used For?

Glass making lubricants find extensive use in the manufacturing of various glass products, including bottles, containers, and glassware. These lubricants are applied to machinery, molds, and other components to facilitate smooth movement, reduce friction, and maintain the overall efficiency of the glass production line.

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