High Temperature Greases

High Temperature Greases are specialized lubricants designed to withstand elevated temperatures in demanding industrial applications. Common types of High Temperature Greases include silicone-based, complex-soap-based, and molybdenum disulfide (moly) greases– all designed to withstand different operating temperature.


Product NameProduct TypeOperating Temperature (°C)Applications
Syntech CSC 222 and 462Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease-20 to 150°C short periods @ 200°CLubrication of anti-friction and plain bearings for use in industrial and automotive applications
Teccem Fluoronox M40/2

High Temperature Grease (PTFE)-25 to 260Oven bearings, drying tunnels and other extremely high temperature applications
Tacbecon SGHT 600High Temperature Grease (Graphite)-30 to 600Ideal for kiln car bearings, furnace door gear, drying tunnels and also in the glass industry, for use up to 600°C

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lithium grease a high-temperature grease?

Yes, lithium grease is often formulated to withstand elevated temperatures, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. Its unique composition and thickening agents allow it to provide effective lubrication even in demanding environments where temperatures can soar.

Which is used as high-temperature lubricants?

Various types of greases are used as high-temperature lubricants. Common formulations include lithium complex greases, aluminum complex greases, and synthetic greases. These greases are designed to maintain their lubricating properties and stability at elevated temperatures.

What is the maximum temperature for grease?

The maximum temperature for grease depends on its formulation and specifications. High Temperature Greases are engineered to withstand extreme heat, with some formulations capable of handling temperatures exceeding 500°F (260°C). It's crucial to refer to the specific high temperature grease specifications to ensure optimal performance in your particular application.

What are high temperature greases used for?

High Temperature Greases are specially formulated to excel in environments where traditional greases may fail. These greases find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace, where machinery operates in conditions of elevated temperatures. They are crucial for preventing thermal breakdown and ensuring reliable lubrication in challenging environments.

High temperature grease specifications

High temperature grease specifications outline the performance criteria and characteristics required for operation in elevated temperature conditions. These specifications consider factors such as thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and load-carrying capacity. Choosing greases that meet these specifications ensures optimal performance in high-temperature applications.

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