Machining & Grinding Fluids

Fluid Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of machining and grinding fluids designed to address the distinct needs of diverse industries and applications. From water-based coolants suitable for general-purpose machining to specialty oils made for high-speed precision grinding, our fluids accommodate a spectrum of requirements.


Neat Cutting Oils

Product NameRecommended MaterialAdditive TypeStrengths
LubeRite MO10Ferrous and non-ferrousInactive EP AdditivesHigh speed lathe operations, aluminum machining
LubeRite MO13PStainless SteelActive SulfurSmall parts stainless steel
LubeRite MO28PFerrous and non-ferrousInactive EP AdditivesGeneral purpose cutting oil
Petrofer Isocut FSFerrousActive Sulfur and Chlorinated additivesBroaching and other heavy duty cutting
Petrofer Isocut VG 32Ferrous and non-ferrousProprietaryAll types of machining, cutting, hobbing, and gear shaping
Petrofer VG 10 LS
Ferrous and non-ferrousProprietaryMist Cutting;Low smoke
Syntech Procut LiquidFerrousProprietaryTapping Fluid

Electric Discharge Machining Fluids

Product NameRecommended MaterialViscosity (cst @40° C)Strengths
LubeRite EDM 2Ferrous and non-ferrous2For supertight cutting tolerances; excellent flushing ability
LubeRite EDM 4Ferrous and non-ferrous4For larger cuts, higher voltage cutting

Water-Miscible Coolants

Product NameRecommended MaterialRecommended ConcentrationStrengths
Quakercool 2770 Plus

Ferrous4-7%Excellent Detergency, Cylindrical, Centerless and Surface Grinding
Houghto Grind 50

Ferrous1-3%Excellent Rust Resistance; Surface Grinding
Petrofer Isogrind 688

Steel; Cast Iron & Ferrous Metal

4-7%Bio-stable; Ideal for cast iron
Petrofer Isogrind A50

Carbides3-5%Ideal for Carbide Grinding, No Cobalt Leaching
Petrofer Emulcut S10
Ferrous and non-ferrous5-10%Bio-stable and Long life- does not require addition of biocides.
Quaker Quakercool 7200 HBFFFerrous and non-ferrous5-10%Excellent on aluminum finish and tool life
Petrofer Emulcut 100Ferrous and non-ferrous5-7%Boron free, suitable for rough and fine machining
Petrofer Emulcut S60
Semi-synthetic3-10%Basic grade semi-synthetic
LubeRite E-CutEmulsion3-5%Basic grade emulsifiable oil

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cutting fluids for machining?

Cutting fluids for machining come in various types, including oils, emulsions, and synthetics. These fluids serve as coolants and lubricants during the cutting process, reducing friction and dissipating heat to prevent tool wear and workpiece damage.

What is one main benefit of using grinding fluids?

One significant advantage of using grinding fluids is their ability to enhance surface finish. These fluids aid in the removal of swarf and heat, resulting in smoother and more precise machined surfaces.

What type of oil is used for grinding as well as in machining operations?

In both grinding and machining operations, specialized grinding fluids, often based on mineral or synthetic oils, are employed. These oils provide lubrication, cooling, and chip removal, contributing to the overall efficiency of the metalworking process.

What is grinding fluid?

Grinding fluid, also known as coolant or cutting fluid, is a specially formulated liquid designed to optimize the grinding process. It improves tool life, reduces friction, and aids in maintaining the thermal stability of the workpiece.

What are the different types of grinding fluids?

There are various types of grinding fluids, each formulated for specific applications. These include soluble oil emulsions, synthetic fluids, semi-synthetics, and straight oils. The choice depends on factors such as material, cutting speed, and desired surface finish.

Why is Machine Working Fluid Used?

Machine working fluids serve a crucial role in machining by lubricating, cooling, and cleaning. Acting as a lubricant, they reduce friction, extending tool and equipment lifespan, while also dissipating heat to prevent overheating during machining processes. Additionally, these fluids flush away debris, maintaining a clean working environment and ensuring precision in machining.

What is the Difference Between Cutting Fluid and Lubricant?

Cutting fluids are specialized for machining, providing lubrication, cooling, and chip evacuation to enhance tool efficiency and extend tool life. Lubricants, on the other hand, have a broader application, reducing friction in various contexts, including between moving parts in machinery. While cutting fluids are a type of lubricant, lubricants cover a wider range of applications beyond machining.

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