Mold Release Sprays

Mold Release Sprays play a vital role in the manufacturing process, ensuring the easy and efficient release of molded products from their molds. These sprays create a thin, non-stick film between the mold and the material, preventing adhesion and simplifying demolding. Fluid Solutions offers a diverse range of Mold Release Sprays, providing solutions for various molding applications. Whether in plastics, rubber, or metal casting, our sprays are formulated to enhance productivity by facilitating smooth and clean releases, reducing production time and minimizing defects.

Common types of Mold Release Sprays include silicone-based, non-silicone, and solvent-based formulations. Silicone-based sprays are known for their versatility and effectiveness in a wide range of applications. Non-silicone sprays are preferred in certain industries where silicone residue might interfere with post-molding processes. Solvent-based sprays are chosen for their quick-drying properties and ability to minimize downtime. Fluid Solutions understands the unique requirements across industries, offering a complete range of Mold Release Sprays to serve diverse molding applications.

Syntech Silicone Spray

High viscosity waterproof silicone fluid in aerosol used as general lubricant or as release agent for molding processes

Syntech Non-Silicone Spray

Silicone-free mold release spray that uses quick drying solvent and propylene oxide for the plastic molding industry.

Product Range Summary

Product NameProduct TypePackagingApplicationsProduct Data Sheet
Syntech Silicone SpraySilicone-based Mold Release Agent400 mL Spray CanReleasing agent for molding processes, general lubricant, use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care products, printing, electric, electronic and other industriesPDS
Syntech Non-Silicone SpraySilicone-free Mold Release Agent400 mL Spray CanAlternative to silicone spray for the plastic molding industryPDS

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of mold release spray?

The primary use of mold release spray is to facilitate the easy release of molded objects from the mold cavity. This essential product creates a thin, lubricating layer between the mold and the material being molded, preventing sticking and ensuring smooth and effortless release.

How does mold release work?

Mold release spray works by forming a protective barrier between the mold surface and the material being molded. This barrier reduces friction, preventing the material from adhering to the mold. As a result, the molded object easily separates from the mold, maintaining its shape and surface integrity.

How long does it take for mold release spray to dry?

The drying time of mold release spray varies depending on the specific product and formulation. However, in most cases, mold release sprays dry quickly, allowing for efficient and timely production processes. Always refer to the product instructions for the recommended drying time.

What are mold release sprays?

Mold release sprays are specialized lubricants designed for use in molding processes. Whether working with silicone, plastics, or other materials, these sprays play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless release of molded objects from the mold, preventing damage and maintaining the quality of the finished product.

What are mold release sprays used for?

Mold release sprays are used in various molding applications to facilitate easy release and enhance production efficiency. Whether working with silicone molds, plastic molds, or other materials, these sprays are a valuable tool for ensuring smooth and trouble-free demolding.

What are mold release sprays made of?

Our Mold Release Sprays are carefully formulated using high-quality ingredients, including lubricating agents and release agents. The unique combination of these components creates an effective and durable coating that minimizes friction and ensures reliable demolding.

What are mold release sprays for silicone?

Specifically formulated for silicone molds, our Mold Release Sprays provide optimal release performance without compromising the integrity of the molded object. These sprays are ideal for various silicone molding applications, delivering consistent and reliable results.

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