Refractometers are important tools used to measure the refractive index of substances, helping us understand their composition or concentration. Found in various industries like agriculture and food, these devices quickly and accurately assess the purity or concentration of liquids by measuring how light bends as it passes through a sample. They are valuable for quality control and optimizing different processes.

Refractometers come in different types, each designed for specific applications. Handheld refractometers are portable and ideal for fieldwork, commonly used in agriculture to measure the sugar content in fruits or the concentration of coolant in automotive systems. Digital refractometers provide precise readings and are often employed in laboratories for detailed analysis. Fluid Solutions recognizes the diverse needs of industries and offers a comprehensive range of refractometers, including both handheld and digital types, ensuring that businesses have the right tool for their specific applications.


Next generation digital hand-held refractometers that are comfortable and easy-to-use

ATAGO RX-i Series

Automatic digital refractometers with the world’s highest standard of accuracy


In-process brix/ refractive index monitors for automation with wide range and high accuracy

Product Range Summary

Product NameTypeFeaturesProduct Data Sheet
ATAGO PAL SeriesDigital Hand-held RefractometersComfortable and easy to use
Extremely water resistant
Ensure accurate measurements with ELI
Measure at low and high temperatures
ATAGO MASTER SeriesAnalog RefractometersEnhanced visibility
Extremely water resistant
Measure at low and high temperatures
Hygienic design
ATAGO RX-i SeriesBenchtop Digital RefractometersMost accurate ATAGO refractometers
Ergonomically designed layout
Printer and computer connectivity
Measurement history
ATAGO PRM/ CM SeriesIn-Line Digital RefractometersWide range with excellent accuracy
Enhanced cleaning with prism wiper or ultrasonic cleaner
Measure at low and high temperatures
Safe to use with food related equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Refractometer Used For?

A refractometer is a valuable instrument used for measuring the refractive index of a substance. In various industries, it provides a quick and accurate way to determine the concentration or composition of solutions, particularly those containing dissolved solids.

What Does a Refractometer Measure in Water?

In water, a refractometer is commonly used to measure the concentration of dissolved solids. This is especially relevant in applications where the purity or salinity of water is crucial, such as in aquariums, marine environments, and water treatment facilities.

What is a Refractometer in Food Processing?

In the food processing industry, refractometers find extensive use for measuring the concentration of sugar or other dissolved solids in liquids. This is particularly important in the production of beverages, jams, and other products where precise control of sugar content is crucial for quality and taste.

Refractometer Uses in the Food Industry:

Refractometers are widely employed in the food industry for various purposes. They are used to measure sugar content in fruits, vegetables, and beverages, allowing producers to ensure that the desired sweetness levels are achieved. Refractometers also aid in monitoring the concentration of other dissolved solids, helping maintain product consistency and quality.

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