Slideway Oils

Slideway Oils are specialized lubricants designed for the effective functioning of machinery with sliding mechanisms, such as lathes, milling machines, and other industrial equipment. LubeRite SW Series provides a range of Slideway Oils designed to address the unique requirements of diverse industrial applications.


Product NameProduct TypeAvailable ViscositiesApplications
LubeRite SW SeriesMineral-based Slideway OilISO VG 32, 68, 220Slides and ways of planers, grinders, millers, lathes and CNC controlled machine tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slideway Oil Used For?

Slideway oil is designed to provide lubrication and protection for the sliding surfaces of machine tools and other industrial machinery. Its high-performance formula ensures smooth operations, reduces friction, and prevents wear and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of your valuable equipment.

Is Slideway Oil the Same as Hydraulic Oil?

While both are essential for machinery, Slideway Oil and Hydraulic Oil serve different purposes. Slideway Oil focuses on lubricating sliding surfaces, optimizing precision in machining processes. On the other hand, Hydraulic Oil is designed to transmit power within hydraulic systems. Each plays a unique role in maintaining the overall functionality of your machinery.

What is the Viscosity of Slideway Oil?

Our Slideway Oils are available in various viscosity grades, including slideway oil 68, to meet different operational requirements. The viscosity is carefully selected to ensure proper lubrication and fluidity, offering optimal performance across a range of industrial applications.

Slideway Oil Uses

Customers worldwide have praised our Slideway Oils for their exceptional performance in diverse applications. Whether you're in manufacturing, metalworking, or other industrial sectors, our Slideway Oils provide the reliability and protection your machinery deserves.

Slideway Oil Price

Our Slideway Oils offer unbeatable value for money, combining premium quality with affordable pricing. Invest in the longevity of your machinery with our competitively priced Slideway Oils.

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