Turbine Oils

Turbine Oils are formulated to withstand the demanding conditions within turbines such as in-power generation plants, aviation applications, or marine propulsion systems. Turbine Oils contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of these vital machines, ensuring they operate seamlessly under high-speed and high-temperature conditions.


Product NameProduct TypeAvailable ViscositiesApplications
LubeRite T SeriesGroup II base oilISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100Steam turbines, turbochargers, compressors, hydraulic systems and plain/ anti-friction bearings

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Turbine Oils?

Turbine oils are specialized lubricants designed for use in turbines, which can include steam turbines, gas turbines, and hydraulic turbines. These oils play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the turbine system by reducing friction, dissipating heat, and protecting against corrosion.

What is the Purpose of a Turbine Lubricating Oil System?

The primary purpose of a turbine lubricating oil system is to provide essential lubrication to the various components of a turbine, ensuring smooth operation and preventing wear and tear. Turbines, whether used in power generation, aviation, or industrial settings, rely on specialized lubricating oils to maintain optimal performance and extend their operational lifespan.

What is Turbine Oil Made Of?

Turbine oils are formulated with a base oil, often mineral oil or synthetic oil, and enhanced with additives. The base oil provides the primary lubrication properties, while additives are carefully selected to improve the oil's performance under specific operating conditions. Common additives include antioxidants to prevent oxidation, anti-wear agents for component protection, and corrosion inhibitors for safeguarding against rust.

What Are Turbine Oils Used For?

Turbine oils are used in a variety of applications across different industries. In power generation, they are employed in steam turbines to ensure the smooth and efficient conversion of steam into mechanical energy. In aviation, gas turbine oils are utilized to lubricate aircraft engines, providing the necessary protection under high-temperature and high-speed conditions. Industrial turbines, such as those used in manufacturing and processing plants, also rely on turbine oils to maintain their operational integrity.

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