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Eliminated Burnt Residue and Discoloration During Pasta Drying

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The Challenge

Stopped Production for 2-3 hours

A pasta manufacturing company struggled with decreased production due to the high number of rejected products with burnt residue and discoloration coming after the drying process. They found that the cause was that portions from previous batch of pasta stuck to the drying stick, forcing operators to conduct unscheduled preventive maintenance to remove the dried pasta. This costed them 2-3 hours of stopped production.

Our Solution

Use of Correct Food Safe Release Agent

Fluid Solutions' team of lubrication experts found that the release agent used on their drying stick oxidizes prematurely below their operating temperature causing the inevitable sticking of pasta on the drying stick. The team recommended the use of Matrix Foodmax Basic 68, a colorless and odorless lubricant that can operate at a wide temperature range. The lubricant also possesses NSF 3H (direct contact), Halal, and Kosher certifications.


Continuous Production with Minimal Rejects

The new release agent completely prevented the sticking of pasta on the drying stick and the company benefited the following:

• Improved pasta production with minimal rejected products due to burnt residue and discoloration
• Continuous production since unscheduled preventive maintenance to scrape off dried pasta on drying stick is no longer necessary

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